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We create every adventure to be a recharging, fun and valuable. But for all of this we’ll need your help and trust, since Zig Zag Holidays was always a huge space full of friends that share the same dreams and ideas, and are always ready to travel! It is important where we travel to and what we leave behind us, what is the business philosophy and ethics of our partners in the mountains and villages of Bulgaria, are they loyal taxpayers and do they share our vision and about preserving mother nature and cultural heritage.

Sustainable tourism

We are constantly trying to innovate our work and stay focused on the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage. Perhaps most important, we involve the Bulgarian villages in our product and help local people find new sources of income. We also focus on the future of sustainable tourism in Bulgaria. We work in with several NGO's and implement new regulations in the tourism law concerning the sustainable development.

Great team

Our team is inspired by one common belief – travel in order to see everything around us in detail, to walk the world with our own feet, to meet different customs and cultures, to experience authentic tastes and flavors. Our office is located in the capital city Sofia and it’s a work-shop for travelers with 2 full time employees. Additionally, we have more than 50 tour leaders and mountain guides, who run successful and responsible tours all over Bulgaria.


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