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Most of the times our clients never meet our product managers. Because of that we proudly present our Zig Zag team from two people:
Andrey Stratiev, Lachezar Sokolov
We are young people that have a lot of professionals who energize our ideas with long years of experience of traveling and making the history of the Bulgarian tourism.


Lachezar Sokolov
Product manager

When I was a small kid I have spent my summers walking in the area of a village called Yarlovo, 45 km away from our capital, at the southern foot of Vitosha mountain. There me and my friends had the chance to meet the nature, we became friends with the trees, the rocks and the river.... We didn't use any electronic devices, we played discovering the world outside our homes. One day one of my best friends came to my house and said: Lacho, do you want to work with me, showing Bulgaria to the tourists? Today I am working with two of my best friends. Every day we create new adventures, that will lead the curious travellers through our virgin mountains to small villages, and traditional guest houses. My favourite sports are mountain biking, climbing, snowboarding and kayaking. I believe that tourism can save the planet!

Lyubomir Popyordanov
Owner and Managing Director

Lubomir Popiordanov created Zig Zag Holidays travel agency in 1999. His background is huge: master of law, alpinist, passionate traveller, photographer, painter, author of over 100 articles and a book, producer of films, publisher and philanthropist… it is hard to mention all! He is also the co-founder of two associations: “Mountains and People” and the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism. More than ever he spends time to participate in and initiate socially significant causes like nature protection and preservation of the Bulgarian cultural heritage. He believes that Bulgaria can be a prestigious place to live in.


Ivan Dinkov
English, Russian

Education:  Master of Political Science Special interests: history, ethnography Mountain experience: Ivan Dinkov is a licensed mountain leader. He has climbed 18 peaks in the Alps including the two highest ones – Montblanc and Dufourspitze. He has also been to such peaks like Bernina, Grossglockner and Finsterarhoorn. Travelling a lot across the whole Balkan peninsula he has climbed almost each mountain in Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Romania and Montenegro. Of course, he is familiar to all of the Bulgarian mountains. He publishes his travel notes in specialized tourist sites. For him the mountain is freedom, silence and sense. Driving license: Yes

Ani Lulcheva
English, Spanish

Education: Molecular Biology; English Philology Special interests: botany, mountaineering and climbing, nature , history Mountain experience: 11 years Driving license: Yes

Momchil Damyanov

Education: Physics, specialized in Meteorology Special interests: Rock/ice climbing Mountain experience: 19 years in the mountains with his friends and 9 years professional tour leader of French groups, he shares the pleasure of discovering the mountains over and over again, adding good wine for relax in the evening! He participated in expeditions in the Alps and Himalayas Driving license: No

Kiril Petroff
English, German

Education: secondary Special interests: botany, history, photography, mountain biking, ski Mountain experience: 10 years as a mountain guide; 20 years in the Bulgarian mountains Driving license: Yes

Asen Marinov
English, Italian, Russian, Greek

Education: Modern Greek Philology, Classical guitar Special interests: folklore, music, photography Mountain experience: All major Bulgarian mountains, Dolomites, Rockies, Apalatian Mountains, Utah and Grand Canyon, Mt Olympos. Asen is guiding professionaly since 2000. He can be also your yoga instructor. Be prepared for nice surprises! Driving license: Yes

Ivaylo Katerski
Wine expert

My interest in wine lasts for more many years. I regularly visit wine fairs, courses, tastings and other wine events in Bulgaria. Therefore, I can definitely say that I am very well familiar with the “wine map” of Bulgaria and my knowledge is up-to-date, also, I really like travelling. I am a WSET® CERTIFIED Level 2 Wines & Spirits (passed with distinction) by the London Wine & Spirit School, also a certified tour guide and a member of The Association of Bulgarian tour guides. Wine is my passion, my hobby, my interest but not my profession – and this is on purpose so. The profession may invisibly turn itself into routine and routine kills passion. I’m determined not to lose the pure pleasure of drinking and enjoying wine and sharing it with you!